«There are two ways of constructing a software design; one way is to make it so simple that there are obviously no deficiencies, and the other way is to make it so complicated that there are no obvious deficiencies. The first method is far more difficult.»

— C. A. R. Hoare

About Me

Welcome to my home on the World Wide Web. This page is about me, Bård Bjerke Johannessen, also known as Bob to those who have no Å key on their keyboards (and even to a few that does). The proper pronunciation of my first name is also uncomfortably close the that of the English words board and bored. Talk about bad first impressions: «Hi, nice to meet you. I’m bored!»

As this page is supposed to be about me, it’s not likely to be terribly exciting. A bit further down you’ll find my résumé, and if you need to get in touch with me I’ve included all sorts of contact information. Unless it’s something urgent my preferred means of communication is e-mail. If you’re in a hurry your best bet would be a short message (SMS) to the GSM telephone number below. Voice calls too easily breaks my concentration and ends up wasting time. My telephone is therefore normally set to «quiet» for voice calls.

Contact Information

Mailing address

Bård Bjerke Johannessen
Postboks 279

Telephone (GSM)

(+47) 97152009




Be warned; the following information hasn’t been updated since 2003!



Bård Bjerke Johannessen



Date of birth

December 27, 1969


To work with and influence emerging technologies.

Personal interests

Mathematics, cryptography and information theory, computer security, Free Software, Linux, computer networking and communications, portable computing, emerging technologies, model aviation and aerodynamics, travel.



High level of experience with systems and network programmingusing C in a Unix environment. Good knowledge of Oracle PL/SQL. Very good knowledge of PHP, both programming and PHP internals. Working knowledge of C++, Java and Delphi. Have done assembly programming on x86, 8085, Z80 and 6502/6510. Some experience programming on Windows platform. Bourne shell scripting.


High level of knowledge and experience planning, implementing and administrating TCP/IP networks. Good understanding of data communication in general. Experience using Cisco IOS. Very good theoretical knowledge of network security and practical experience with Linux, Free/OpenBSD and Checkpoint (Firewall/1) firewalls. Theoretical knowledge and practical experience with VPN technologies including IPSec, PPTP and CIPE. Broad understanding of Internet related protocols and standards.


Experience with Oracle and Postgresql database servers. Very high level of experience with and theoretical knowledge of Apache Web Server, including extensions such as mod_ssl and PHP. Experience with Netscape Enterprise Server and OpenMarket Transact. Detailed theoretical knowledge of and extensive practical experience with qmail and Exim mail servers, DJBDNS name server and Courier and Dovecot POP3 / IMAP servers. Practical experience with OpenLDAP and Samba. Working knowledge of common office applications such as Word and Excel.


System administration and programming experience on Solaris (Sparc and Intel), Linux (Sparc and Intel) and Free/OpenBSD (Intel). In addition, user and some programming / porting experience on SunOS, OSF/1 and AIX. Practical experience with Cisco IOS. Good general knowledge of both system administration and programming on Unix systems. System administration experience on Windows NT. Good theoretical and practical knowledge of computer hardware, PC and Sun machines.


Practical experience with products such as FreeSWAN, SSH and PGP, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) using both server and client authentication as well as Virtual Private Networks. Good theoretical knowledge of cryptographic protocols, symmetric and asymmetric algorithms.

Other skills

Norwegian drivers license. Norwegian (native tongue) and English written and spoken. Would like to learn additional languages, should the need / opportunity present itself.

Relevant experience

2005 – present : SYSE AS (Tønsberg, Norway), CTO

Details available on request…

2001 – 2004 : Autonomy Nordic (Lysaker, Norway), Concept Developer

Designed and prototyped innovative services for user profiling based on network traffic; details classified. Integration, trouble-shooting and debugging for high-profile clients such as Sonera and Ericsson. Development and maintenance of PHP extensions to access Autonomy functions from within PHP. System and network administration on Linux, Solaris and AIX.

1998 – 2001 : yaTack (Oslo, Norway), Developer

Designed and developed yaTack’s new catalog and shopping system, based on Apache and PHP, using Oracle and Autonomy technology. Developed custom PHP extensions to access Autonomy functions from within PHP (extension later adopted by Autonomy). Interfacing with national credit card processors. Migrated catalog and users from the previous system. Defined network and software security requirements as well as server and software requirements. Installation and day-to-day administration of technical infrastructure, including Apache, Oracle, Qmail and DJBDNS. Firewall and network installation and administration.

1997 – 1998 : Global Stock Games SA (Martigny, Switzerland), Administrator/Developer

Worked to finish the GSG gaming system using Oracle Enterprise Server and Oracle Web Application Server. Defined security requirements. Integrating OpenMarket Transact for internal use. Took over the responsibility of development and day-to-day technical operation of GSG, including roles of network and systems administrator, Oracle DBA and Transact administrator. Installation and administration of international VPN. On call 24/7.

1997 – 1998 : Medialab AS / Infinicom AS (Oslo, Norway), Senior Developer

Developed solutions for different types of Internet commerce. Designed and implemented interface to Norwegian horse-betting network (Rikstoto), development of OnLine Club (Norway’s largest on-line shop). System and network administration. Worked on Global Stock Games system (see above).

1996 : ComTech AS (Larvik, Norway), Consultant

Startup, small-business solution provider. Advising clients on LAN and WAN strategies. Implementing LAN solutions. Maintenance and upgrades of existing networks.

1993 : Telematikkskolen (Sandefjord, Norway), Teaching C programming

Taught entry-level C programming to prepare students for classes of more advanced network programming. Private school owned by the Norwegian telephone company.